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Rupes SL42AES Orbital Sander 70 x 400mm Velcro Pad

Rupes SL42AES Orbital Sander 70 x 400mm Velcro Pad

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The Basics

Ideal for sanding large surfaces, the Rupes SL24AES 400mm x 70mm is perfect for sanding fillers and repairing surfaces, and optimal for working on edges and surfaces with large-radius curves.

  • Multihole rubber plate for efficient vacuum
  • Powerful and balanced sander, designed for smoothing and levelling surfaces
  • High abrasive performance rating.
  • Electronic module with speed control and overload protection.
  • Velcro pad for Velcro abrasives.
  • Fitted with connections to extraction systems.
  • Vacuum flow control.

12 Month Warranty Period 

GO Industrial are Rupes authorised warranty and repair agents . Which means you don't have send your gear overseas when something goes sideways, just get in contact and we'll organise the rest.

Your gear back to you ASAP.




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