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Rupes HSR73/STB Random Orbital Mini Sander with Battery & Charger

Rupes HSR73/STB Random Orbital Mini Sander with Battery & Charger

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The Basics

The HSR73 Random Orbital Mini Sander with iBrid Technology is ideal for the sanding of wood, composite, plaster and other surfaces in virtually any industry, including the car body shop. This Mini Sander features a 125 mm rounded multihole backing pad for maximum vacuum efficiency. The random orbital movement provides a more energy efficient solution, increased performance, a finer finish and time saving, compared to traditional sanders.

The innovative iBrid Technology, first featured on the BigFoot iBrid Nano family of tools and the HLR75 iBrid Mini polisher, allows the operator to choose the power platform that best suits the specific situation or application. Use battery power for cordless operation or insert the iBrid Power Adapter and run continuously on corded power. Performance is identical regardless of power source.

The HSR73 also features a self-extraction system that enable to use the tool without an external extraction unit by connecting the patented RUPES GREEN TECH filter, giving the operator unmatched incredible maneuverability and balance to guarantee precise and efficient sanding results.

The throttle lever with variable speed provides precision control of tool operation, while the speed control dial guarantees five working speed for versatility and soft start. Optimized ergonomics, compact design and modern lines make this tool very comfortable and easy to use in a variety of grip and hand positions.


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