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Rupes Gear Driven 150mm Planetary Sander

Rupes Gear Driven 150mm Planetary Sander

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The Basics

Ideal for working exceptionally hard woods, sanding parquet floors, and removing oxides. Excellent removal rate and quality. The geared rotary motion provides maximum removal rates and a significant saving of time and energy. Optimal capacity for the extraction of generated dust.

Electrical parts insulated with special resins for better protection and longer lifetime of the tool. Electronic module with speed regulator and overload control. Designed for connection to extraction systems.  Comes with pressure regulator eliminating the ‘blow back’ effect of the base-pad on the surface, speed regulator, side handle mountable on both right and left sides, and speed control.

12 Month Warranty Period 

GO Industrial are Rupes authorised warranty and repair agents . Which means you don't have send your gear overseas when something goes sideways, just get in contact and we'll organise the rest.

Your gear back to you ASAP.




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