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Graco Australia Pty Ltd

Graco Pump Armour Fluid Range

Graco Pump Armour Fluid Range

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The Basics

Arguably one of the most important fluids related to all airless sprayers, Pump Armour provides piece of mind and longevity to your fluid pump. GO Industrial religiously uses Pump Armour for all Graco authorised servicing, and stock storage. Pump Armour is formulated to protect Graco pumps from corrosion (rust), and freezing. This fluid is specifically manufactured to extend pump life and assure top performance from your airless sprayer, when you need it. 

Prime Pump Armour through your fluid pumps after spraying! Even if it is overnight, you can dilute Pump Armour to suit your timeframes. For storage any longer than a week, GO definitely recommends priming the straight-solution through your pump.

Available in 1L or 3.8L bottles, we have you covered for preventative sprayer maintenance!

Available in

  • 1 quart (950ml): SKU 243103 
  • 1 gallon (3.8 liters): SKU 245133 


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