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Graco Australia Pty Ltd

GRACO FinishPro II 595 PC Pro Electric Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer 17E915

GRACO FinishPro II 595 PC Pro Electric Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer 17E915

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NEW GEN GRACO FinishPro II 595 PC Air Assisted Airless Sprayer 17E915

Ideal for commercial or industrial jobs, the FinishPro II 595 PC Pro is the highest performing air-assisted airless sprayer. Finish larger jobs faster with more features and higher flow for more productivity. Easily switch between airless and air-assisted modes for simple job-site operation.

With the FinishPro II 595 PC Pro, you're getting the benefit of two sprayers in one. Easily switch between air-assisted to airless spraying modes with the flip of a switch for the ultimate in application versatility and efficiency to complete jobs faster than ever before.





BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System

  • Streamline your business
  • Track every sprayer: Exact location & hourly productivity
  • Know job progress: On demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere
  • Maximize uptime: Set maintenance schedules, alerts, & jobsite notes

SmartControl 2.5

  • Increased spray consistency
  • Delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation
  • Ideal for low pressure tips for fine finish work and low overspray applications
  • Digital display accurately shows spraying pressure
FastFlush System
  • More spraying & less cleaning
  • Clean the pump 4X faster
  • High-velocity fluid flow delivered with higher motor speed
  • Superior finish & long-life
  • Gun trigger-activated compressor — it’s only running when you’re spraying!
  • Instant air to the gun with zero lag
  • Reduces jobsite noise, resulting in less fatigue
  • Reduces moisture entering the system and extends compressor life
Chromex Endurance Piston Pump 
  • The most reliable pump
  • Lasts 2X Longer than the next leading brand
  • Repack the pump in minutes with the QuikPak Cartridge System
  • Faster cleaning with the QuikAccess intake foot valve
ProConnect 2 Pump Replacement System 
  • Eliminate costly downtime
  • Exchange pump in minutes
  • Pin-less design needs no tools
Precision-Cut RAC X FF LP SwitchTip 
  • Less overspray and increased pump life
  • Sprays at lower pressures with less overspray
  • Pre-orifice design produces a perfect airless finish
  • Up to 2X life Finer atomisation and soft edges for easier overlapping
  • Reduces prep and cleanup Includes solvent seal for hot solvents

Super-Flex Hose 

  • Increased flexibility & manoeuvrability
  • Enables you to work in tight spaces and to deliver the best finish quality
  • Extremely lightweight, reducing fatigue
  • Reduced material buildup and increased durability with Flex Wrap hose skin
G40 Spray Gun 
  • Premier performance
  • Industrial-grade quality delivers superior finishing results Integrated air valve improves gun handling
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